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Mutual Aid

Prepare for the unexpected

Our Plan

By becoming a member of this cooperative, the person who qualifies can receive the financial benefits necessary to provide a decent funeral for their deceased family member. To promote solidarity among its members in the face of the pain caused by the death of a loved one. Initial goal is to have 100 registered members with a contribution of US$100.00. With this number of members, members could receive up to US$9,000.00 for funeral expenses. Upon reaching 500 members, the benefit would be US$10,000.00, but the fee would be only US$25.00. To participate you just have to fill out a membership application, pay the initial fee of US$100.00, and agree to abide by the bylaws of the institution. Join the effort and partake of the benefits!

Family First

You always think about your family, so do we. This ministry was created as a solution to the economic burden that the death of a loved one represents for many families.

Why Choose Us?

Many people do not qualify to obtain life insurance or financial aid from the government or other social agencies for various reasons. We are not life insurance. We are a response to the needs of our community.

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